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Mark Maske

About American Tae Kwon Do in Douglasville, GA

Meet Mark Maske

Owner and Chief Instructor at
American Tae Kwon Do in Douglasville
3rd Dan Black Belt

Mark Maske is the Head Instructor / Owner of American Taekwon Do.

Rank: 3rd degree black belt, joined in 1981

Specialty and passion: Self-Defense (street, non-bullying and technical). “Practical self-defense training lasts a lifetime. Everyone needs to know how to defend themselves and help others.”

Background: Air Force brat, Crimson Tide fan. ISKA State Representative 2001-present

Personal Note: "I consider behavior at least as important, if not more important, than your child’s academic grades. I am on a first name basis with your child’s teachers making us a triple-edged sword, focusing on your child’s best interests."

Gale Maske is the Office Manager of American Taekwon Do.

Rank: 2nd degree black belt, joined in 1987

Specialty and passion: Forms. ‘Patterns should be performed with realism,’ (Point #8, Volume #1 of 15 of the Taekwon Do Encyclopedias)

Background: Sergeant, USMC; loves cats.

Personal Note: "I am the mother of one son. I have heard all my life, 'Oh, they only want attention.' Well my school of thought is... Give it to them! They must need it!"

Hammer (Mike) Crocker is the Program Director of American Taekwon Do.

Rank: 1st degree black belt, joined in 1998

Specialty and passion: Hardcore, no excuses, physical fitness.

Background: Native Douglasvillian, married and father of two. Bulldog fan. Loves dogs.

Personal Note: "My daughter started attending martial arts classes first. I became interested and what started as an extra-curricular activity turned into a lifestyle for me."

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